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7′, 8′, and 9′ Used Pool
tables For Sale Starting at
$800 plus delivery!


A used pool table is a good way to save money but like any other purchase you need to be informed. While a pool table is essentially made to
last forever if properly cared for and maintained there are some costly mistakes you can make in buying one. Here are some of the things to consider:

resale value

Who is going to play on the table. If its for teenagers you may want a laminate that can take some abuse. For adults a furniture style is probably the way to go for aesthetics and resale value.

Where is it going

Is it a center piece in a living area or is it a kids game room. How big is the room. Can it accommodate an 8 foot table or do you need a 7′. what else is going in the room. You can shoot over some things like couches if you are trying to do a multipurpose area.

get what you really want

How long do you plan on keeping the table. If the table is for adults and you will keeping it a lifetime go ahead and spend a little extra and get what you really want.

Now that you have a better idea what to look for
here are some things
to consider when you find a table that may meet your needs.

  1. You should try to find out how much the table cost originally. Price is not the only indicator of value but it is a pretty good gauge. Like in most large purchases there is a large range of quality in pool tables. Ask about brand, age, model, size, if it was purchased new, what accessories come with it, is it upstairs?
  2. Consider the age. Older tables can be a great value but the useful life of the cushions and cloth may add to the cost.
  3. Before you go look at the table and make an offer go to a dealer and check out new tables. Feel of the rubber on the rails so you know what they should feel like when you look at the used table. Ask about moving a table, what does it cost, how much to recover it if it needs it. How much to re-rubber if it needs it. Stair charges or mileage charges that may apply to the purchase. Most dealers provide these services and are not offended by you asking, its part of their business.

Now go look at the table

Feel of the rails, all of them, if any are hard or mushy you will need to replace them all. Usually you will have to recover at the same time so factor that in. Are all the parts there. Look under the rails and make sure all the rail bolts are present. If not some may be broken off and cant be replaced. Is the table particle board, depending on the table this may not be a problem but it affects the price a LOT. MAKE SURE it is a slate table. If not walk away.

Ask about accessories,

what comes with the table, if there is a light is it includes. Cheap accessories are not worth anything at the negotiation stage, they are no use to the seller and may not be to the buyer either.

Try to find out how motivated the seller is and how long the table has been on the market.

Make and offer and if its accepted call
the Gameroom Gallery and we will
take care of the rest.

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